[ This page serves as a temporary home for WGN. It will be overhauled for the final release. ]
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Warcraft Gaming Network is a multiplayer platform for Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Development began in June in response to Garena's discontinuation of its "LAN" feature support.


WGN enables you to communicate with players and organize Warcraft III games via an interface similiar to Garena.

Originally envisioned as a simple VLAN utility to be distributed amoungst a small community of Garena DotA players, WGN has been the victim of considerable feature creep in order to expand its scope and address some common player complaints (e.g, hackers)

Development of WGN interrupted that of another Warcraft platform which has been in development for the past few years which is designed to provide a unified interface to War3 service providers and is based exclusively on matchmaking. Eventually, WGN will merge with this project and adopt its original design goals which are far greater in scope. Whether or not the simple game-list/room-based system that WGN in it's current form supports will remain is under consideration.

Some notable features currently implemented in WGN are:

If you're interested in some ramblings on the topic of War3/Battle.net or an indirect coverage of its multiplayer synchronization model check out a few of my old blog posts (currently no time to maintain)

Some screenshots of the client's interface are also available: 1, 2, 3


18-July-2014Client Update

+ Added rudimentary ability to privately communicate with another user (double-click their name)
+ Latency display now follows a consistent format.
+ User origin country now displayed in room following ISO 3166 standard
+ Warex now uses the Windows "STOP" audio cue when a cheater is detected.
+ Minor functional improvements
- Fixed bug where WGN would not remove its NAT port-mapping entry.
- Fixed bug where players could not join/host games due to a required port being already in use
- Fixed bug in NAT port-mapping which would occur when an interface change occurs (e.g, due to DHCP)
- Fixed bug where an invalid network interface would be/could be selected
- Fixed bug in latency sampling
- Fixed bug in Warex which would, under some circumstances, cause a player to disconnect during a game
- Fixed bug which would render users unable to host/join games
- Fixed bug where after changing network settings you would be unable to join existing games
- Fixed bug where, under some circumstances, after a connection loss you are unable to login for an extended period of time.
15-July-2014Client Update

Note: This was a silent release. It is documented here for completeness-sake


- Fixed major bug
14-July-2014Client Update

+ Added notification (system message) when Warcraft is launched.
- Fixed bug where game hosting would not work
- Fixed bug where client would silently disconnect
- Fixed latency sampling not working correctly
- Fixed bug in War3 game list showing corrupt game names
- Increased tolerance for unusual network setups
- Fixed bug where Warex would silently disable itself
- Improved overall stability
11-July-2014Client Update

+ Added a button to the room window which launches War3 (convenience only; not necessary for WGN to function)
+ Improved reliability of latency sampling when a paranoid router is involved
- Fixed a rare bug where an invalid war3 path for a non-existent war3 installation would cause a silent fatal exit
- Fixed a bug in 64-bit builds which caused maps to be incorrectly reported as unavailable.
11-July-2014WGN Public Beta Open

The WGN client is now stable enough to invite the public to participate in testing.

All testing rooms have been replaced with one "Warcraft III (Open Beta Testing)"

Download WGN version 0.3 (Beta)

10-July-2014Client Update

- Fixed a crash bug which would sporadically occur when entering/leaving rooms
9-July-2014Client Update

+ Implemented a Ban List to enable players to restrict who enters their games.
+ Users can now select their Warcraft game version using the Settings dialog
- Fixed a minor bug where Warcraft's game list would not reflect the current state of games.
- Fixed a few crash bugs
- Zero-length chat messages can no longer be sent
- Aesthetic fixes
7-July-2014Forum Setup

WGN now has a forum accessible here

6-July-2014Client Update

+ Implemented Warex (moniker for cheat-detection system)
+ User latency measurements now available
- Fixed a minor bug relating to the system tray icon
- Fixed a major bug with game hosting


The setup package contains builds for Windows XP (or later) and Windows Vista (or later) for both x86/x64 platforms

Download WGN version 0.6 (Beta)

Note: Account registration is accomplished through the client software (Click "Register" on the Login dialog)